Collision FAQ’s

I was in a major collision, will my insurance company “Total” my vehicle?

Typically an insurance company determines a “total loss” when the cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage of your vehicles actual cash value. This varies from case to case and is ultimately determined by your insurance company.

Do you order parts before the vehicle is dropped off?

Many times if the vehicle is still safe to operate we can order parts before you bring the vehicle in. We understand being without a vehicle is one of the most inconvenient things with getting it repaired. We take every step we can to result in a fast turn around time.

Can I get additional work done on my vehicle while its in the shop for an insurance claim?

Absolutely. Take advantage of the time without your vehicle to get any additional work performed on it that was not accident related. All additional work will be handled separate from your insurance claim and billed directly to you.