All FAQ’s

Can I get additional work done on my vehicle while its in the shop for an insurance claim?

Absolutely. Take advantage of the time without your vehicle to get any additional work performed on it that was not accident related. All additional work will be handled separate from your insurance claim and billed directly to you.

My vehicles frame was damaged, can this be repaired?

Yes. All newer mass market vehicles are constructed with a unibody frame. This means the vehicle’s frame and body are integrated into a single strong structure. Many times the damage can be repaired back to manufacture specs on our frame machine. If the area is damaged beyond a safe repair we can simply replace that section. Our staff is highly trained to make sure your repair will not only look like it should, but also protect you the way it should.

My insurance told me they can not guarantee the work unless I take my vehicle to their preferred shop?

We guarantee our work, no matter who is paying the bill. You have the right to choose where your vehicle is being repaired.

Can I wax my vehicle after I pick it up?

You want to wait at least 60 days before applying any sort of wax or sealant. Even though the paint is safe to touch, wash, drive around, it is still outgassing. You want to allow this to complete before sealing or waxing the new finish.

Do I have the right to select the shop I want to repair my vehicle?

It’s your car and your choice who repairs the vehicle, regardless of your insurance. With 40 years of experience we have  worked with all insurance companies and can help you start your claim. For more on Your Auto Repair Rights please visit Auto Repair Rights & Tips

How long will my repair take?

It really depends on the severity of the damage. Some repairs can be done within 1-2 days. But more severe damage requires a week or more depending on the severity. Once we can visually inspect your vehicle during a free estimate we can give you a better idea on how soon we can get you back into your vehicle.

Can you match the color of the factory paint?

Yes we have access to multiple tools that help us get a great match on your vehicle. From a digital spectrometer that scans your existing finish and matches it to one of the many alternate formulas available in PPG’s color database, to our highly trained paint technician who hand tints colors to insure the proper match.

How long does it take before the paint is dry enough on my vehicle to safely pick it up?

All our finishes are baked on in our state of the art paint booth. The vehicles are safe to handle as soon as they come out of the booth.

If i want to change the color of my vehicle, can you do that?

Absolutely. We have many options when it comes to complete color changes. Additional charges do apply if you want inside your door jambs, under hood, and trunk changed as well.

Do you have samples of colors I can look at to pick out a new color for my vehicle?

Yes. We have a wide selection of color chips organized by color class, solid, metallic, pearls. We also have a selection of custom colors from PPG’s Vibrance Collection.

How long does it take before the paint is dry enough on my vehicle to safely pick it up?

All our finishes are baked on in our state of the art paint booth. The vehicles are safe to handle immediately after they come out of the booth.

How accurate are your online estimates?

While we strive to provide the most accurate estimate we can, we are limited to what we can see in the photos. Please try and get multiple angles of any damaged areas. And it’s helpful to take a wide angle shot of the area as well as close ups only sometimes don’t give us enough to determine size of the damaged area.

Do I need an appointment for an Estimate?

Appointments are not needed. But if you do have a general idea on a day/time you may be stopping by please take the time to schedule an appointment with are form Schedule Appointment. Adding as much information as you can will speed up your visit when you get here.

I was in a major collision, will my insurance company “Total” my vehicle?

Typically an insurance company determines a “total loss” when the cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage of your vehicles actual cash value. This varies from case to case and is ultimately determined by your insurance company.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

Your deductible amount will be determined by your insurance policy. Depending on your coverage and if you were not at fault in the accident sometimes this will be waived by your insurance company. Your agent will be able to provide more information on this.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. Sorry we do not accept personal checks.

What if I get a lower estimate at another shop?

Most rates and parts are standard priced and most shops use the same software to come up with these prices. Show us the lower estimate and we will gladly explain the difference between the 2.

How long will the estimate take?

Most estimates are completed within 10-20 minutes. While appointments are not needed you can help expedite the process by providing us more information online here- Schedule Appointment

How do I care for my newly painted vehicle?

You can hand wash you car with a mild car wash solution and a soft sponge as soon as the next day. Avoid “dry wiping” your vehicle as it can leave scratch marks. Try to avoid parking under trees or utility wires as tree sap and bird droppings can damage a freshly painted finish. Avoid any wax for the first 3 months as the paint fully cures, and avoid commercial car washed with stiff brushes that can damage your new finish.

Can I drop my car off after hours?

Yes we do have a key drop located at the front door. Should you need to drop the vehicle off after hours be sure to lock the car up and drop the key through the metal slot located just to the right of the front door of the building.

I need a rental vehicle but I do not have rental insurance coverage?

We work with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and can help arrange a rental for you and have them pick you up when you drop off your vehicle.

Do you order parts before the vehicle is dropped off?

Many times if the vehicle is still safe to operate we can order parts before you bring the vehicle in. We understand being without a vehicle is one of the most inconvenient things with getting it repaired. We take every step we can to result in a fast turn around time.