Car Care FAQ’s

How long does it take before the paint is dry enough on my vehicle to safely pick it up?

All our finishes are baked on in our state of the art paint booth. The vehicles are safe to handle immediately after they come out of the booth.

How do I care for my newly painted vehicle?

You can hand wash you car with a mild car wash solution and a soft sponge as soon as the next day. Avoid “dry wiping” your vehicle as it can leave scratch marks. Try to avoid parking under trees or utility wires as tree sap and bird droppings can damage a freshly painted finish. Avoid any wax for the first 3 months as the paint fully cures, and avoid commercial car washed with stiff brushes that can damage your new finish.

Can I wax my vehicle after I pick it up?

You want to wait at least 60 days before applying any sort of wax or sealant. Even though the paint is safe to touch, wash, drive around, it is still outgassing. You want to allow this to complete before sealing or waxing the new finish.